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Automated Lockbox Banking

Lockbox is a service offered by most banks to streamline receivables for businesses of all sizes. The process is simple: you set up a PO box (or several), your customers send checks to this PO box, and your bank picks up and processes the checks right from your PO box.

Robo-FTP makes retrieving Lockbox data easy, reliable, and secure

Provided your accounting package offers a way to import the Lockbox files as most do, you simply need a secure, reliable way to retrieve the file. Robo-FTP can automatically download your Lockbox files securely, reliably, and economically.

Robo-FTP supports all the major file transfer protocols supported by most banks, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. Robo-FTP also supports PGP encryption, as required by many banks.

Robo-FTP offers the flexibility you need

Unlike most drag ‘n’ drop solutions, Robo-FTP gives you total control over the entire process. This means you can easily integrate Robo-FTP with other applications and processes exactly the way you want, without investing in lots of custom programming.

Here is a sample script showing how to automate downloading lockbox files from Wells Fargo Bank: Download Lockbox File via HTTPS.

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