We are always looking for talented programmers. If you are interested in working on Robo-FTP or products like Robo-FTP, please send your resume by e-mail.

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Robo-FTP is brought to you by Serengeti Systems Incorporated, the customer-focused leader in connectivity solutions.

Serengeti Systems is a data communications company specializing in PC-to-mainframe connectivity that was founded in 1988. We have taken all of our experience in secure automated file transfers and applied it to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in a product called Robo-FTP.

There are literally hundreds of FTP client products for Windows PCs in the marketplace today. They range from completely supported commercial products from companies with a history and lineage such as Serengeti Systems to bedroom-created freeware written by enterprising high school kids. Robo-FTP serves a niche within this crowded FTP marketplace that is not particularly well served -- namely, secure, script-driven file transfers.

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